Falling meatball from sandwich causes college student to fail exam

Online IS harder!!

July 22 2020

“A junior at the University of Georgia has been given a second chance after a meatball blunder caused her to fail a test.

Sam Lee was taking an online exam for her economics class while eating a meatball sandwich. As Lee moved through the test, a meatball fell out of the sub roll and on to her keyboard, effectively exiting and ending the exam before she was finished.

In the email, which Lee posted a screenshot of on Twitter, the student tells her professor that “a meatball that had tragically fallen onto my keyboard as I was taking the exam.”

“It hit some sort of escape button and closed the entire browser,” she recently told BuzzFeed News.

As panic set in, Lee starting crafting an email that reportedly took her “six hours to write” to explain the messy situation.

“This said meatball caused some malfunctions with my laptop and caused the test to submit itself,” the email continues. According to a photo of the test results, the student received a 39.17 percent on the meatball-ended exam.

Though Lee concedes “a falling meatball is no excuse for the failing grade on this exam,” she asks her professor if she could retake the test.

Surprisingly enough, her professor responded and agreed to extend the test deadline until midnight that night for her to retake.

“I would recommend you take the test either before or after dinner. :-)” her professor wrote in the email, BuzzFeed reported.”